Consultants want a new schedule for admission under the RDP 2014-2020

Consultants want a new schedule for admission under the RDP 2014-2020

From the Bulgarian Association of Consultants on European Programs (BACEP), in which we are members from Priority Ltd, offer to open more measures under the RDP during the next year and accelerated admission for applications in the already mentioned in the Indicative schedule. More about the last - see here. The aim is to reduce the risk of losing resources in 2018 when the implementation of the intermediate targets is accounted.

By 2018 under the RDP must be paid out over 700 million Euro under the program, otherwise we will lose the planned reserve of over 140 million euro, or 6% of the budget of the RDP. This is why it is necessary to open as soon as possible the measures with considerable financial support for investment projects that have a chance to be fulfilled and paid back by the end of 2018.

From BACEP urged to speed up the work on the Regulation for the implementation of Measure 7 for municipalities. Preparation of investment projects in local authorities takes significant time and they must be well acquainted with the funding conditions as early as possible in order to have time to assign public procurements in the preparation of projects.

The association insists on opening the measure "Investments for public use in recreational infrastructure, tourist infrastructure" (7.5) in 2016 and as well as sub-measure "Investment support for non-agricultural activities" (6.4). Otherwise, this will be the third zero year for 6.4, which is the most important measure for the development of micro-businesses in rural areas and the diversification of activities of the agricultural producers.

Due to the great interest of the branch, it is also insisted on the release of "Investments in technologies for forestry and processing, mobilization and trade of forestry products" (8.6) If this does not happen, the forest sector remains in isolation because it has no right to apply under the Operational Program "Innovations and Competitiveness" and thus the RDP is its only option.

From BACEP want the intake of documents under sub-measure "Investments in agricultural holdings" (4.1) to happen in March next year rather than in July as it is currently planned. The reasons are that under this measure are submitted projects for permanent crops that are planted during spring, and if the intake is in July, the activities will have to wait until 2017.

The association appeals for an early start of the following measures:

  • 6.1. "Beginning aid for young farmers";
  • 6.2 "Beginning aid for non-agricultural activities";

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