Current and upcoming educational opportunities and employment with European resources by the end of the year

Current and upcoming educational opportunities and employment with European resources by the end of the year

According to the latest changes in the indicative annual work program Operational Program "Development of Human Resources" in the period from July to December is to be announced one of the most anticipated procedures for financial assistance.

By the end of the year the program will provide the following opportunities for providing employment and education:

Current options:

Procedure "Active Inclusion", which should be opened by the end of July, is aimed at people with disabilities and their families. The measure is related to facilitating the access to employment for vulnerable groups, including through the provision of innovative social and health services, as well as providing opportunities for people who take care of relatives with disabilities to return to the labor market. Eligible candidates for the operation are employers, municipalities and regions of municipalities, non-governmental organizations providing mediation services on the labor market, educational and training organizations, social services providers, including centers for information and professional orientation. The total amount of financial assistance is 20 million lev.

The procedure "Training for employees" is another program that is also expected to be opened by the end of July, the deadline for submitting project proposals will be August. The main goal is to increase the ability of employees to meet the emerging changes in the labor market as a result of the influence of structural factors such as globalization, technological changes and aging of the populations. In response to these challenges, additional education is planned to be provided for employees in micro-, small, medium and large enterprises that aim to increase the skill adequacy of their employees in accordance with the needs of the business, while contributing for the creation of higher quality work places. As a result of the provided training, employees will acquire or improve their professional qualifications and key competences according to the European Qualifications Framework (key competence 2 "Communication in foreign languages," key competence 4 "Digital competence"). Eligible candidates are employers and social partners. The total amount of the financial assistance is 50 million lev.

Upcoming opportunities:

Procedure "Specific training for employees" is expected to begin in September with a final application deadline November. The procedure is aimed at increasing the productivity and adaptability of current employees of the companies by providing the opportunity of specific training sessions outside the public sector, depending on the specifics of the enterprises and the working places. The specific training will be aimed at acquiring professional qualification, key competences, providing access to continuous training and innovative forms of lifelong learning. The total amount of the financial assistance is 10 million lev.

The scheme "Specific training", which will be an additional opportunity for inactive and unemployed people, will be opened in September or October, and the selection of project proposals is to end October-November. Eligible candidates are employers in sectors based on knowledge and high technology, informational and communicational technologies and processing industry with a higher added value of labor. Partnership with other employers will be possible. The operation plans to provide specific for the workplace training of inactive or unemployed people, recruitment of the successfully graduated by the employer and providing specialized foreign language training. Requirement for the procedure is each candidate to retain the employment of at least 50% of the target group involved in the project and successfully completed the training courses for a period of six months after its completion. The total amount of the financial assistance under the scheme is 10 million lev.

Procedure "Flexible employment opportunities and training in enterprises with variable intensity of activity" is expected to start between October and November and the reception to end in December 2016 - January 2017. Under the procedure can apply employers, individually or in partnerships with other employers or centers for professional training. The aim of the scheme is to provide an opportunity to enhance the skills of inactive and unemployed people in accordance with current business needs. The training courses should be aimed at acquiring or enhancing the professional qualification and key competences ("Communication in foreign languages", "Digital competence", "Social and civic competences") of the target group, mandatory will be their inclusion in unsubsidized employment with the employer who applies. The financial assistance under the scheme is 30 million lev.

Scheme "Vouchers for employees" is expected to be announced in the period from September to October and which is directed solely at the Employment Agency. The operation will provide further opportunity for education of already employed people with average or lower level of education by raising the qualification for professions and their key competences related to improving linguistic skills and digital competences. The total amount of financial assistance under the procedure is 50 million lev.

It is wise for the employers to consider how to take advantage of the upcoming opportunities for employment provision and education of their staff. In order to prepare a successful project, it is important to prioritize the needs in accordance with the development plans of the company and to determine which scheme for financial aid is most appropriate to provide.

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