Distribution of European funds for Bulgaria for 2014-2020

Distribution of European funds for Bulgaria for 2014-2020

On 21.08.2013, the press service of the Ministry Council released how the European funds will be distributed for the forthcoming programming period. Environment, transport and roads are the areas in which Europe will invest the most money in Bulgaria for operational programs. The least given will be on the program "Good Management."

During the next programming period (2014-2020) the operational programs will be seven. The new operational program will be “Science and Education for smart growth.” In the current period the money for education were passing through the operational program “Development of Human Resources”, managed by the Social Ministry.



Programs and the distribution of money for the new programming period will be as follows:

- Operational Program "Regional Development" (OPRD) - 1,170.28 million;
- Operational Program "Human Resources Development" (HRD OP) - 707.13 million;
- Operational Program "Competitiveness and Innovation" (OPIC) - 1,037.14 million;
- Operational Program "Good Management" - 356.24 million;
- Operational Program "Science and Education for smart growth" (OPNOIR) - 508.04 million;
- Operational Program "Environment" (OPE) - 1,271.16 million;
- Operational Program "Transport and Transport Infrastructure" (OPTTI) - 1,207.33 million.


In the new programming period there will not be redistribution of priority areas. In 2007 – 2013, again with the largest funding from Europe were the OP “Environment” (over 1.4billion euro), “Regional Development” (1,361 billion) and “Transport” (1,255 billion). The money for “Human Resources” are now significantly less (in the current period they are 1,031 billion) because of the new Operational Program for education.


It is noteworthy that the money for administration have increased nearly double. They are included in the “Good Management” program that unites the current OPAC and “Technical Assistance”. The total money the two were around 200million.

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