5 million euro for business plans in rural municipalities
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5 million euro for business plans in rural municipalities

The program for development of rural areas gives financial aid to municipalities or agricultural associations for the creation of local agricultural cooperations and drafting a strategic plan for their development. The funds awarded are intended to promote public-private partnerships, trainings, research and analysis and development of strategies for agricultural development in the regions.

The maximum amount to be given to a candidate is 30,000 euro and the minimum - 5,000 euro. The total budget of the measure – 4,7 million euro.

The deadline for submitting applications for participation is September 4th for municipalities in which live between 10,000 and 15,000 people (by data from NSI by December 2014).

For funding under sub-measure 19.1 - "Help for preparatory activities" can apply municipalities and local initiatives groups, LIG. With the European subsidies shall be supported the establishment of public-private partnerships that unite local farmers, representative organizations, service providers and local communities.

In the list of eligible participants are 246 municipalities in the country. The maximum budget for which one partnership or initiative group can apply for and has also not implemented the Leader approach (European program for the development of business plans from the period 2007-2013) is 30,000 euro and for candidates who have already submitted documents the maximum budget is 25,000 euro. The minimum value of expenses when applying for an activity is 5,000 euro.

The idea is to create and develop a united strategy for the agriculture in the particular region instead of many individual competing manufacturers by promoting the dialogue between different stakeholders and training of new employees.

The objective is to create a foundation and a business plan based on analysis of territories and informing the local population, thanks to whom to begin towards working effectively for development. Funded will be also small pilot projects for events promoting the local identity and innovative activities for the community.

Source: www.capital.bg

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