The main goal of the program:

The procedure aims to ensure the prerequisites for the creation of sustainable jobs for the unemployed and inactive persons. This objective will be achieved through a combination of measures to ensure appropriate training, including in the workplace, as well as providing various incentives for employers to create new jobs.

Who can apply:

- The candidate's employer unincorporated;

- For completed two previous financial years, candidates have the financial resources equal to or greater than the maximum allowable amount of the advance payment (20% of the grant);

- The above requirements apply to newly listed / newly established organization.

What financed program:

- The cost of buying clothing, personal protective equipment, equipment and furniture, DNA and furniture, up to 30% of the amount of the grant;

- The cost of personnel services (already employees);

- Costs for construction works - up to 10% of eligible direct costs if they are aimed at ensuring access for people with disabilities;

- The expenses for activities related to publicity to 2%;

- Costs of occupational medicine for a period not longer than the duration of the project activities;

- Wages and salaries of staff.

Percentage of financial assistance:

- For micro, small and medium enterprises to 100% of the total eligible project costs;

- For large enterprises to 80% of the total eligible project costs

size of the financial assistance:

- Minimum amount of financial aid: 50 000 lev;

- Maximum financial assistance: 391 166 lev.

Deadlines for applications: The program is expected to start early in July 2015 Application deadline: 10.09.2015 laying 23:59.

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