OP Competitiveness and Innovation (2014 - 2020)

Operational Programme "Competitiveness and Innovation" (2014 - 2020) is one of the seven operational programs financed by the Structural Funds of the European Union and are most requested. Her name is eloquent enough in terms of its goals and because a wide variety of activities that support is divided into three priority axes - "Innovation, entrepreneurship and growth potential," "Energy and Resource Efficiency" and "Technical Assistance" .

The focus of the first priority - "Innovation, entrepreneurship and growth potential," focuses on technological development, innovation and entrepreneurship in general, which are major factors for increasing competitiveness. This axis can apply micro, small, medium and large enterprises and their associations, as well as those that are related to the provision of services to support R & D and innovation in business. Program and approve proposals for investments in improving production capacity and growth in health care, cultural and creative industries. With no less chances are the companies that develop new products and services related to active aging, social entrepreneurs and cooperatives of people with disabilities, information and communication technology applications and e-commerce applications and services in these areas.

The idea of ​​the priority axis "Energy and resource efficiency" to the OP "Competitiveness and Innovation" (2014 - 2020) is to promote the transition to a low-carbon economy in all production areas and to encourage the efficient use of resources. Potential beneficiaries are the companies that are currently the smallest contribution to the efficiency of Bulgarian economy, the Ministry of Economy and Energy for the construction of a gas interconnection Bulgaria-Serbia, as well as small and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry, including partnerships with other EU companies.

Specific objective of the priority axis "Technical assistance" is to finance effective and efficient implementation of all activities in the programming, management, monitoring, evaluation and control of OP "Competitiveness and Innovation" (2014-2020). Therefore, among the activities eligible for grants are those of organizing work and the running costs of the Monitoring Committee, the training staff of the managing authority (exchange of best practices and experiences, workshops, etc.), And organizing public information events such as seminars , conferences, exhibitions, etc.


OP „Competitiveness” in the new programming period Criteria for opredelyane whether an entity is a micro, small or medium / SME / Improve production capacity in MSP