The Vice Premier Zlatanova announced the launch of a massive campaign among beneficiaries

The Vice Premier Zlatanova announced the launch of a massive campaign among beneficiaries

The initiative is being realized by the network of Regional information centers throughout the country.


Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Zinaida Zlatanova announced the start of a massive research among the beneficiaries, which will be held under the motto “Lessons Learned”. The goal of the initiative, which runs throughout the country from a network of informational centers, is to determine where are the most critical places in the performance of the projects, financed by European funds and to suggest ways to overcome them.


"In the current programming period, the administration is reinsuring, that complicated the procedures and we didn’t understand that the EU funds are intended primarily for people, and not for the convenience of the public administration. Our goal is to cover the maximum number of beneficiaries of different types of projects to see what problems they have encountered ... "said the Deputy Prime Minister.


For the initiative is designed a questionnaire covering all stages of the project–from the application to the final report. The entire network of regional information centers to promote cohesion policy of the European Union in Bulgaria, will seek proactive beneficiaries of all operational programs.


Once data has been collected and analyzed, roundtables will be organized in the outlined weaknesses in the implementation of projects, in order to propose working ideas to overcome them.


All suggestions will be summarized and submitted to the managing authorities of the operational programs. Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that she relies heavily on constructivism administration in order to achieve a truly facilitate beneficiaries in safe and effective procedures.

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