The Law on management of EU funds is at the finish line

Law on management of EU funds is in the home straightThe Law on management of EU funds is at the finish line

During a conference in Gabrovo, devoted to the sustainable growth and the European future of cities, Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev announced that the final text of the law on management of EU funds is ready and is in a mode of departmental coordination.

"The most important in the law is that it introduces a line which, I hope, will be sustainable, ie strong rules, strong principles that can’t be spontaneously changed based on emotional, political and conjunctural motives" said Mr. Donchev.

According to his words, despite the concerns and risks it is mandatory that the system is in the general order of the country and that decisions are subjected to court control, as this will be done under the Administrative Procedure Code.

The Deputy Prime Minister also commented on the entirely new law on public contracts which is expected at the latest in early autumn to enter in the National Assembly and once adopted, to remain in force for another ten years.


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