The budget of measure 4.1 will not be increased

The budget of measure 4.1 will not be increased

Regarding the information spread out by the Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria for any budget increase in measure 4.1 of the Operational Program for Rural Development 2014-2020, from the Ministry of Agriculture strongly reminded that such an increase this year is impossible to happen. However from the press office of the ministry explained that the agricultural ministry is preparing to send first notification (amendment) of the new program, with which "changes will be proposed in the conditions of application of 4.1, so that during the next reception the aid can reach a larger number of recipients of subsidies."

The ministry recalled that during the first reception under Measure 4.1, 3359 project were submitted. Subsidy requested by them amounts to 1, 230 billion levs, or 4.2 times more than the estimated budget for the measure.

Because of this reason the approved projects will be about 20%, the analysis of the data shows that the budget will not be sufficient for all.


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